Cleaning products with environmental certification

CAM/GPP compliant products

Prodotti per la pulizia conformi CAM GPP
When a technical choice becomes "responsible"

Sustainable development "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own" (Gro Harlem Bruntland, Norwegian Prime Minister - 1987).

When being green was not "trendy" and was not required by legislation for Public Entities, Falpi started a journey to a sustainable production, deciding to certified the products and the entire business process.

Today the company applies the concept of sustainability, not only to its CAM/GPP compliant products, but also to its own establishment, technologies and, in general, to the way of managing the business. For Falpi, being sustainable is not considered just a marketing operation, but an essential element of quality, in ethical and environmental respect.

Falpi's certifications

CAM/GPP products

EPD certified products

Prodotti per la pulizia certificati EPD

Many of the Falpi's Inox trolleys can boast the prestigious environmental label EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

With the EPD certification, we can determined the environmental impact of the products on the whole cycle of life, to communicate the environmental commitment based on international schemes shared and verified by independent and accredited "Third Parties".

EPD products

Kubi certificato Ecolabel UE

Prodotti per la pulizia certificati Ecolabel


Falpi is constantly engaged in the search for new solutions to reduce environmental impacts.

Eco-Design is today the basis of every new project, and it is with this approach that we have developed the KUBI wheeled cabinet certified by Ecolabel EU.

EU Ecolabel certified textile products

Prodotti per la pulizia certificati Ecolabel

Certificating a textile product for cleaning with an EU Ecolabel environmental label is a complex and demanding operation.

A choice which Falpi made for 5 groups of products; a route which involved our Quality Office for more than four years. Thanks to EU Ecolabel certification, today the company guardantee the highest environmental compatibiliy possible on a huge selection of textile products, particularly on microfiber wet-mops for cleaning.

Ecolabel products

Prodotti certificati ReMade in Italy

ReMade in Italy




In 2020 Falpi obtained the ReMade in Italy certification: a product certification issued to companies that make materials or products through sustainable recycling of waste or production waste in Italy.

Thanks to the ReMade in Italy certification, Falpi is able to guarantee the use of high percentages of recycled material in its dry containers.

remade in italy products

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