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A reality that never stop

Born in 1987, Falpi has established herself as a company dynamic, innovative and competitive in the production of articles for industrial cleaning.

Wide range of products Made in Italy, productive flessibility, quality of service and fast deliveries are Falpi's highlights. A growing company that always invest in technology research and environmental certification of theirs products.

Made in Italy, made in Falpi

Falpi's products are modular and customizable, entirely projected and made in Italy.

In a world where everyone try to make the production abroad, with a low cost labour, Falpi choose to remain loyal to the quality of real Made in Italy, protecting the italian production's value and its advantages on quality, attention to the man and the environment. Qualities which for us are not just words, but represent the anchorages of a business ethic to always pursue, from the project to the achievement.

Falpi products for professional cleaning - projected for cleaning companies, hospital, companies and communities - are made with completely recyclable materials and customizable in order to customer's demands. Buying a Falpi product, you choose highest quality items, entirely projected and made in Italy.

Falpi's Certifications

Respect people and enviroment

Today the word "Quality" means many things that, all together, create a company-society-environment system, in which we find our dimension and to which we contribute.

A company has the duty to deal not only with the market but also with the world; a world that influences it and that is influenced by it. The company can be a source of health for the world or, if she is bad-conducted, a source of "uneasiness" for him.

Just as you can not choose a product whitout having assessed its environmental and social impact, the quality can not only be a synonymous of good economy, but it must be expression of Social Quality.

Innovate to work better

Falpi's designers are constantly measuring themselves with the market, to provide ever new and innovative solutions for the professional Celaning, observing with attention and interest the new technologies and changes in progress.

The approach is not aimed at proposing the traditional cleaning product: Falpi's proposal includes the development of digital tools to support the work of customers and end users. This commitment is reflected in the innovative tracking system CollegaMe, based on iBeacon technology, and the document platform CataLab.

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