Sweeping and surface dusting system


Easy of learning, reduced physical effort, minimal dispersion of dust in the air and excellent effectiveness are the strengths that have contributed to the very wide spread of sweeping system (or flat sweeping).

The sweeping system is the classic, economic, fast and effective method to clean small and big surface. The wires of the wet-mop capture the powders, limiting the dispersion in the environment and arrive everywhere, even in the most difficult points to reach, like corners and edges. It is also possible to wear a gauze edged with a hole for a more scrupulous "dry" or "wet" cleaning.

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Damp sweeping

The easiest and irreplaceable method for dedusting surfaces. The impregnated gaze picks up and holds powders, hairs and impurities of all kinds, incorporating them into its own weft, thanks also to the mechanical action of the support frame. The low weight frames minimize the physical effort of the cleaning operator, ensuring maximum performance with minimum effort.

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Surface dusting

Not often considered for its real importance, the operation of Surface dusting is actually essential to guarantee true environmental hygiene.

In addition to traditional systems with microfiber or disposable cloths, Falpi has developed the exclusive Bill line, effective on both horizontal and vertical flat surfaces. Tables and desks, doors and mirrors, window sills and washable walls can be cleaned in a moment, with the least expenditure of energy.

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