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Attestazione Ecovadis

Falpi achieved the ECOVADIS Silver Top certification: a prestigious recognition certifying its continuous commitment to pursuing a virtuous path of corporate sustainability. ECOVADIS, one of the most important international platforms for rating corporate sustainability, evaluated Falpi based on 21 aspects grounded in international CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards, grouped into 4 key parameters: environment, labor and human rights protection, fair business practices, and sustainable procurement.

The first, Environment, reflects Falpi's focus on reducing the environmental impact of its activities. FALPI ranks among the top 14% of best-rated companies assessed by ECOVADIS in the Textile Production sector, positioning itself as a leader in environmental sustainability.

Labor Practices and Human Rights constitute the second parameter, highlighting Falpi's commitment to ensuring a safe, fair, and human rights-respecting work environment for all its employees. Falpi has always been dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and respect for fundamental labor rights in all its activities. In this regard, FALPI ranks within the top 1% of best-rated companies assessed by ECOVADIS in the Textile Production sector, highlighting its excellence in labor practices and human rights.

Ethics, the third parameter under evaluation, represents another fundamental pillar for Falpi, which adopts ethical policies and procedures guiding its decisions and actions, ensuring transparency, integrity, and legal compliance in all its activities.

Finally, the fourth parameter, Sustainable Procurement, reflects Falpi's commitment to collaborating with suppliers who share its values of sustainability and social responsibility. The company actively promotes sustainable supply chain practices, working with partners who adopt ethical and environmentally responsible practices.


Company Certifications

Quality certification


Quality for Falpi is a way of operating that invests all the company's activities and translates into company policy, based on continuous improvement and maximum transparency.
With ISO 9001:2015 certification, Falpi guarantees its customers qualified products and services, constantly supervised from the design through the whole production cycle, and perfectly meeting the technical specifications for use in the various work areas.

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Ethical certification


Falpi best characteristic is the respect for dignity: in a increasingly competitive market, where despite the rules of civil life, there are manufacturers who make exploitation of the workforce a qualifying point of their contractual capacity, Falpi chooses to be SA 8000:2014 certified.
In this way, Falpi shows to all the involved parties (employees, companies, institutions, providers and lenders) its commitment in pursuing practices, procedures and policies that guarantee behaviour that is not detrimental to the person's dignity.

Anonymous reports received from external stakeholders will be published on the website in the appropriate section.

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the standard sa 8000

policy statement


Environmental certification


The impact of our quality is maximum on your work and zero on the environmnent! The company approach to environmental problems can be perceived in the Inox and Rilsan range of trolleys. These are products of high technological and qualitative content, studied on the needs of the customer and the end user, made with materials and processes with zero environmental impact and therefore, 100% recyclable.
The ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification allows us to have a structured approach to define the environmental objectives and identify the tools necessary to achieve them.

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environmental product certifications

environmental balance

Carbon Footprint di Prodotto

Carbon Footprint Falpi




73 Falpi trolleys are certified according to the UNI EN ISO 14067 (CFP) standard.

The Carbon Footprint is based on the quantification of all greenhouse gas emissions (GHG - greenhouse gases) linked to the entire life cycle of a product: it is the ISO standard that aims to improve the clarity and consistency of the quantification activities, reporting and communication of the product carbon footprint (CFP). This certification is intended as the sum of the emissions that a product generates over its life cycle. The study of the CFP allows to quantify the carbon footprint in terms of CO2 equivalent.

The methodology underlying the Product Carbon Footprint is based on the principle of responsibility towards the environment and transparency in the communication of results.

For this reason we have decided to make the emission values ​​of EPD certified trolleys available and undertake a path that will lead to an increasingly green and sustainable future.

ReMade in Italy

 ReMade in Italy 

In 2020 Falpi obtained the ReMade in Italy certification: a real product certification issued to companies that make materials or products through a sustainable recycling of waste or production waste in Italy. The ReMade in Italy certification for sustainable recycling verifies the sustainability characteristics of the use of recycled materials (with consequent savings of raw materials) and consequently quantifies the additional indirect environmental benefits of recycling, in terms of CO2 equivalent savings, savings of water and energy efficiency.

EU Ecolabel


187 Falpi's textile items are EU Ecolabel certified.
The EU Ecolabel is the environmental product label of the European Community. In a context populated by brand and logos of all kinds, the EU Ecolabel qualifies products that have passed a strict set of environmental compatibility criteria, defined by the European Community. From a regulatory point of view, it is defined as an Type I Environmental Label.
Based on the ISO 14024 standard, the EU Ecolabel is defined in the National Action Plan of Green Public Procurement (PAN GPP) a "... basic reference ..." for the evaluation of the most environmentally friendly cleaning products. Often confused with other Type I Environmental Label of a more national nature (mainly used in other European Community countries), EU Ecolabel is the most known and widespread certification in all of Europe.
We decided to certify EU Ecolabel five families of textile products, with a route that has committed the Quality Office for over four years through a complex and demanding process. For us, certification is not a simple label on a product, but the result of a constant modus operandi and a "way of being" that involves the entire company and all its policies.
Recognizing a product certified EU Ecolabel is easy: it is identified by the typical logogram with the flower.

EU EcolabeL products

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)


More than 70 Falpi's cleaning trolleys are certified EPD.
The EPD is an environmental declaration with the aims to provide concrete, verified and credible information on the environmental performance of a product or service. From a regulatory point of view, it is defined as a Type III Environmental Label. The EPD examines the entire cycle of life, "from the cradle to the grave".
We are very proud to have been the first company in the professional cleaning sector, to undertake the EPD certification path of its products, as required by the ISO 14040 standards. We have chosen to certify EPD the trolleys of Microrapid, Microtech, Smart and Kubi ranges, to confirm the high level of environmental compatibility of our production. 

falpi's ePD Products

Cleaning trolleys EPD certified

In 2009 Falpi achieved the first environmental product declaration in Europe for a cleaning trolley: the Microrapid 2.
In February 2012, with the renewal of the EPD validation, the environmental declaration of the Microrapid trolleys family was extended, inserting 4 new trolleys (MR1, MR1 bigfoot, Microtech Max1 and Max2). In May 2013 the family was extended from 5 to 21 models. In April 2017, the family of inox trolley was extended to 46 trolleys. In July 2018 the inox trolley family has been integrated by the Kubi range made in plastic and aluminium, for a total of 67 EPD certified trolleys.
In particular, thanks to the evaluation of the entire cycle of life of the trolleys, starting from the raw materials, passing through the processes of design, construction, distribution and end of life, we have quantified the emissions of carbon dioxide (main greenhouse gas) and other gas with a lower degree of absorption of the infrared rays, necessary for the production of a trolley.
The result obtained was formalized in the Climate declaration of the product, and in particular by the GWP (Global warning potential) indicator, which attests an average contribution equal to 142 Kg of CO2 equivalent to produce 1 trolley. The full declaration is available at www.environdec.com. Also thanks to the achievement of this result by Falpi, the trade association of the AFIDAMP sector realized the PCR for the cleaning machines, addressed to the manufacturers.

Climate declaration


EU Ecolabel National Award


Since 2008 Falpi commits itself to supply products with reduced environmental impact, applying the Life Cycle Assessment technique, to quantify the environmental impact associated with the products. In 2009 Falpi is the first manufacturer in Europe to acquire the European ecological quality label (Ecolabel) for a textile cleaning product.
During the 25th anniversary of the Ecolabel brand, Ispra (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research - Ecolabel section) rewarded the company with the 2017 EU Ecolabel National Award, with the following motivation: The study and application have led to combine the philosophy of the brand with an avant-garde design: the result is an innovative and patented product, able to reduce wear and increase resistance and cleaning efficiency, respecting sustainability and a lower environmental impact during the entire life cycle.

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Clean Green Award


The Clean Green Award Afidamp is the annual award given to products, systems or services in the professional and industrial cleaning sector, with a strong environmental "vocation".
In 2009 Falpi won the first edition of the competition with the Microrapid 2 trolley (the first trolley with an EPD environmental certification). In 2010 and 2011, for two consecutive editions, Falpi was awarded with the Mentions of Merit by the Jury and defined as "the driver company in the environmental field of the Professional Cleaning sector".
In 2014, for the fourth contest edition, Falpi's environmental commitment received another award to the new Ultrarapid microfiber wet-mop, certified as EU Ecolabel.

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Legality rating

Rating di legalità

The legality rating, issued by the Guarantor Authority of the Competition and Market for the Ministry of Economic Development, is an instrument introduced in 2012 for Italian companies, aimed at the promotion and introduction of principles of ethical behavior in the company, through the assignment of a "recognition" measured in "stars".
Falpi has requested and obtained the rating to demonstrate its correctness and linearity of behavior, as well as its honesty and punctuality in complying with the obligations deriving from operating in Italy.

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