Cleaning systems for hospital and healthcare facilities

Hospital systems

Falpi professional products have become a landmark for all those areas where the risk of contamination is high and where, consequently, perfect hygiene is indispensable.
The "technical" evolution of the sanitation of hospital environments has brought to the fore, in recent years, new methods and new "materials". Falpi, with its distributors and cleaning companies, has been able to radically change the approach to sanitation, defining new procedures, becoming synonymous and ensuring of maximum efficiency, quality and safety in the health sector. Robust and reliable, the aisi 304 stainless steel trolleys of the Rapid, Microrapid and Microtech lines are increasingly appreciated for their high quality materials and proven efficiency.

Hospital products

Rapid system

Double mops for environment: the classic hospital method

The Rapid System is the classic "double mop" method: its strengths are the always uncontaminated detergent solution, practicality and the great quality of clean. Rapid wet-mops are appreciated for their insuperable resistance to repeated washing, achieved thanks to the quality of materials used in production. The Rapid System is particularly appreciated in the health sector.

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Sistema Microrapid

One mop for environment: the best mechanical cleaning action

At the end of 90's, Falpi presented the innovative Microrapid and Mircrotech System, characterized by microfiber wet-mops, "velcro" hooking frames and hermetic buckets and revolutionized the cleaning market in the health sector. Increasing attention to the healthiness of the environments has determined the success of this method also outside the hospital environment.

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Clean room and isolation

A range of certified products for using in clean rooms

Manufacturing processes which need to be carried out in clean room are constantly increasing. Pharmaceutical, electronic and food industries, plastic materials production, research laboratories and many more sectors require a growing attention to cleaning processes, according to specific standards which can not be compared with normal procedures.

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Daily kit

Daily cleaning kit for the sanitization in confined and high risk of infection areas

For the areas with high infectious risk, Falpi designed the Daily Kit, contained in a carton box and consists of:

  • 1 frame with carton handle with polypropylene joint, easily packable after the use;
  • 10 disposable wet-mops for washing floors, to soak at the moment;
  • 1 roll of monopanno for dusting of surfaces.

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