Cleaning solutions for glasses and mirrors

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Falpi's solution for glass cleaning are designed and realized thinking to the specific needs of the user, ensuring the maximum efficiency and the least possible effort.

Every single tool is distinguished by his robustness, long life cycle, ergonomic appearance and easy to use, features which allow you to get the maximum cleaning and hygiene in every environment.

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Bill system

Bill is the revolutionary system based on the use of microfibre that allow to cleaning glasses and mirrors very easily, without leaving any trace.

The delicate task of washing glasses, commonly entrusted to real "squeegee specialists", becomes possible for everyone
Simply with an alcohol-based product, without using cleaning solutions, even an inexperienced operator can get amazing results:

  • the ultramicrofibre Bill allows you to wash and dry the surface in a single pass,
  • the microfibre Microtech in microfibra is used to rough the surface's dirt before using Bill,
  • the blue ultramicrofibre Microtech is specifically designed for cleaning glasses and mirrors.

Bill frames (for telescopic handle) and HB Bill frames (with manual handle) facilitate dusting operations, reducing time and effort.
The areas of application range from the cleaning of glass and mirrors to the cleaning of worktops such as tables, desks and steel surfaces.

bill system products

Bill system cleaning for glasses and mirrors

Bill system cleaning for glasses and mirrors (with Bill frame for telescopic handle)

Bill system cleaning for glasses and surface dusting

Bill system cleaning for glasses and surface dusting (with HB Bill manual frame)

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