Textile production

Textile products

Cleaning wet-mops and cloths completely made in Italy

In 1987, the year of Falpi's foundation, starting the textile production was our first step in the world of professional cleaning. Today the department represents a fundamental part of the company and of its continuous technological research.

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"In textile products, we have expressed all our tradition of Biella's Company. The quality of the product comes from the technology concealed behind every textile fiber: it is the result of the experience of generations of spinners, weavers and dyers who, for centuries, have worked on our territory."

Andrea Loro Piana — Falpi

Environmental sustainability

To certificate a textile product for cleaning with the EU Ecolabel environmental label is a complex and demanding operation.

A choice that Falpi has made, until now, for 5 product families, in a path that has committed the Quality Department for several years. Thanks to the EU Ecolabel certification, today the company can guarantee the maximum possible environmental compatibility on a wide selection of textile products and in particular on microfiber cleaning wet-mops.

Ecolabel textiles

Made in Italy

Born in the Biellese area, the "land of weavers", Falpi has always guaranteed the quality of a product manufactured entirely in Italy.

In the company's philosophy, the italian production is an essential added value, which over the years has made Falpi a spokesperson for a way of doing and thinking increasingly marked by the valorisation of the specialized local workforce.

Falpi's textile products establish themselves as a qualitative benchmark for the market, thanks to the meticulous selection of raw materials, the accurate processing and the passion shown in their work.

Our final products reflect the corporate values of ethical and social sustainability, with respect for the value and dignity of workers.


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