Microrapid washing with pre-impregnated mops


At the end of 90's, Falpi presented the innovative Microrapid washing system with pre-impregnated mops, characterized by the use of a wet-mops for any environment. This method quickly began a reference point for professionals in the sector, especially in the healthcare environment.

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The microfibre fringes, previously treated and pre-impregnated in the central washing, are housed in the appropriate containers of the trolley, already ready for washing. In this way the operator can work with considerable savings in time and energy, dedicating himself exclusively to cleaning activities and not to operations like loading, replacing and draining the water.
Moreover, the absence of water on the trolley avoids the nesting and the proliferation of bacteria and possible contaminants.

Falpi's microfibers are produced using a polyester and nylon bi-component matrix. Their intrinsic structure increase the "usable surface" of the fibres, allowing the dirt to penetrate inside it, to be captured and retained. They are ideal for both dry and wet operations, because the microfibre, when it is dry, attracts dirt by an electrostatic action and, when it is impregnated, by a mechanical and capillary action.

Microrapid washing wet-mops


All wet-mops produced by Falpi are identifiable by a sewn label which certifies its origin. The serial number allows identifying the production date of the wet-mop.

Microfibre wet-mops are available in different colors, with "velcro" type backing cloth Loopfix and Honeycomb 3D, that attaches to the frame. The continuous wire fringes (bouclè) are ideal to capture and retail dirt, ensuring a very high resistance to use and washing.

Aluminium frames are practicals and easy to use. Their lightness makes them not tiring to use and suitable for washing of verticals surfaces.

Microrapid and Microtech trolleys

Microrapid washing wet-mops

Microrapid washing frames and handles

Microrapid system with with pre-impregnated mops

Frames and wet-mops of the Microrapid system

Microrapid alluminum frame and microfibre wet-mops

Microrapid alluminum frame and microfibre wet-mops

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