CollegaMe tracking system

An advanced tracking system of equipment and machines for indoor use, based on iBeacon technology.

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CollegaMe for Cleaning

CollegaMe tracking system allows you to supervise in real time the position and movements of equipment and machines, sending informations to enabled devices (tablet, smartphone, computer).
CollegaMe can be used in areas where it is not possible to use the GPS system, such as closed or multi-level environments. Designed for the professional cleaning in hospital area, it allows, with a reduced investment, to locate in real time the cleaning trolleys to identify the area where the service is performed.
With the use of its own IT platform, CollegaMe is also able to send and receive alert messages or informations of various types, directly on the enabled mobile device.

A mobile device on a cleaning trolley can make useful information available to the operator and to the customer. This is a smart and modern way to have work plans, products safety data sheets and also an easy way to communicate with the company and send and receive informations in real time.


CollegaMe system is based on three elements: the Beacon transmitters, the mobile device (tablet or smartphone), the mobile app and the platform.

The mobile device, set on the operator's trolley, detects the nearest Beacon transmitters. Depending on the received signal strength, the mobile device processes the position of the trolley with the dedicated app (only for Android systems) and sends its position with a short sending data in 3G. The CollegaMe IT platform processes the data message and positions the visual information relative to the position of the trolley on a preloaded local map. The IT platform processes informations according to the needs of the user and provide, beyond the position, other useful elements such as workflows, statistics, etc.

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