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Environment awareness and social responsibility has always been guiding our choices. Focusing on these goals, we produce long-lasting high-quality products that, when needed, they can be repaired and reused.

Falpi products: designed to last

Falpi is serious about issuing every product aiming for high-quality and effectivity. Our commitment to customers as well as to environment drives us to design long-lasting and repairable products to avoid and reduce waste.

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Repair&Reuse Program is a matter of importance in our ethical choices because it involves offering to our customers significant savings and avoiding wastefulness and environmental impacts at the same time” 

Andrea Loro Piana, Falpi



Falpi Repair&Reuse sviluppo sostenibile


Falpi products are designed and produced to ensure a long-lasting life, combining functional character, ergonomics and aesthetics.


Falpi Trolleys are produced paying specific attention to modularity: when needed, damaged components may be repaired or replaced with new spare parts.


Over 75% of Falpi trolleys, aptly reconditioned, can be used again for the same purposes or in new operating environments.


Repair&Reuse Program aims to make the most of available resources avoiding wastefulness and reducing the use of raw materials, in order to achieve financial and environmental savings.




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