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Where the elengance is important

In certain contexts, in addition to practicality, aesthetics also plays an important part. The Falpi's Hotel trolleys has been created to fit the most prestigious environments. Among their strengths there are solidity, an elegant structure in steel and aluminium and the possiility of being customized according to functional and aesthetic customer's needs.

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The look of an hotel is the combination of some elements: the professionalism of the operators, the quality of forniture, cleanliness, order and many others. Suitable, sturdy and functional equipment guaranees a good housekeeping service and it also reflects the qualitative level of the hotel. 

Falpi's trolleys, elegant and functional, are not ete-catching and they get along with every kind of furniture, from classical to modern style. SOlight line's trolleys for hotel can be configured to adapt to the needs of each structure.

Housekeeping trolleys

SOlight Housekeeping trolleys are all adaptable and customizable with the numerous accessories of the line, according to the needs of the hotel. They are available with 125 or 150 mm diameter wheels.

Housekeeping 1 trolleys are more compact, while Housekeeping 2 trolleys, more capacious, are ideal for large structures. Both types of trolley can be completely closed to hide the contents from view. The Housekeeping 3 trolley allows to personalize the collection of linen and can also be provided with a top closure cover.

SOlight Hotel trolleys

HK Service Compact trolleys

The Service bar trolley can organize the recovery of the minibar in an impeccable, discreet and orderly way. Available with double wheels 100 or 125 mm in diameter.
The Couverture trolley allows you to carry everything you need with the use of a single trolley, for the restoration of the mini-bar and the evening rearrangement of the room. A fast service carried out in an irreproachable manner.
The Housekeeping Clean trolley, thanks to its large chest of drawers, can house tools and detergents for cleaning, away from customers sight.

SOlight Hotel trolleys

Laundry trolleys

Professional solutions for a perfect service, even "behind the scenes". The Laundry line meets the needs of those hotels that leave nothing to case.
Equipments for organizing the collection service, laundry and textile distribution: all with professional trolleys, with a discreet and minimalist design.

SOlight Hotel trolleys

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