Surface washing systems

Mop washing

The mop washing is the traditional washing system, easy to use, suitable both for large and small surfaces. Still very widespread thanks to the simplicity of application, this method is ideal for deep cleaning, in presence of particularly heavy dirt with a lot of accumulation.

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Flat washing

Falpi has been a pioneer in the introduction of the flat washing market: since 1989, when the first roll press was presented at the "Pulire" fair in Bari, the system has spread to all areas, proving to be very effective. Today, technology has evolved and the system has become a must, because of great yields, excellent quality results and reduced operator effort.

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Rapid flat washing

The Rapid flat washing system born from Falpi's research for the development of increasingly effective methods for the hospital cleaning. Over the years, it has become the "classical" double passage washing system for hospital and healthcare. Its strenghts are the always uncontaminated cleanliness, the speed of use, practicality and great quality of cleanliness.

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Microrapid washing

At the end of 90s, Falpi presented the innovative Microrapid washing system with pre-impregnated mops, characterized by the use of a wet-mops for any environment. This method quickly began a reference point for professionals in the sector, especially in the healthcare environment. Today it confirms its qualitative supremacy, in particular thanks to the quality of the made in Italy Falpi's microfibre.

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