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The Microrapid e Microtech System, characterised by microfiber wet-mops, frames with the "velcro" type couple and hermetic buckets, was presented for the first time by Falpi ad the end of 90s and it has changed the cleaning market in the hospital sector. The growing attention to the healthiness of the environments has determined the success of this method also outside the hospital environment.

The textile products of the system are in microfibres: his particular structure increase the "usable surface" of the fibres, allowing the dirt to penetrate inside it, to be captured and retained. The microfibre is ideal for both dry and wet operations because, when it is dry, attracts dirt by an electrostatic action and, when it is impregnated, by a mechanical and capillary action.

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Microrapid trolleys are characterized by being robust and reliable, with an AISI 304 inox steel structure: this material guarantees maximum resistance to corrosion, chemical and organic agents and excellent mechanical resistance.

Microrapid wet-mops are among the best known and performing on the market, above all thanks to the quality of the microfibre used by Falpi, produced using a polyester and nylon bi-component matrix.
The cloths, specially designed for hospital applications, include Hospital microfibre microcloth, for the dusting of surfaces, the Bamboo Hospital bacteriostatic cloth and the Bluesteel, also in microfibre.

The use of high-quality materials such as aluminum, glass fiber and nylon, characterizes the manual tools of the range, which stands out not only for its high performance, but also for design and aesthetics.

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