From today the Kubi Fun's configurator is 100% operative in 3D too!

In the last months we have been working real hard and we can finally announce that the Kubi Fun trolley’s configurator is 100% operative, in 3D mode too.

Our technical office worked for a long time to create 3D, which lets you generate and customise, in real time, your own trolley, step by step.

The new version of the configurator lets you choose from the available components and at the same time, see the 3D Kubi Fun creation in real time, and then you can send the request of the quote or the order.


Configure your kubi fun

Kubi Fun: more compact than the Kubi Pro, more functional than a two buckets trolley

Kubi Fun was born from the need to have a trolley with reduced dimensions, which can maintain the Kubi’s modularity and quality features.

Unlike a traditional two buckets trolley, this is completely customisable with components and accessories according on your needs.

Also, the pre-impregnated system makes the product in line with the actual environmental standard requested from the CAM. 


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