73 EPD Falpi Trolleys certified on the Product's Carbon Footprint according to the standard UNI EN ISO/TS 14067 (CFP)

The Carbon Footprint certification (CFP) was released for our EPD trolleys of Kubi, Microrapid, Microtech, Smart and Specialist's families.

It is now official, 73 Falpi’s trolley which were already EPD certified from line Kubi, Microrapid, Microtech, Smart and Specialist, are from today also certified on the Carbon Footprint according to the standard UNI EN ISO 14067 (CFP).

The CFP is based on the quantification of  the greenhouse gases related to the entire product’s cycle of life

The ISO 14067:2018 is the ISO standard that aims to improve the clarity and the consistency of the quantifications activities, reporting and communication of the product’s Carbon Footprint (CFP).

With the third-party audit work made from RiNa in these days, it was certified that the CFP analysis and the related communication are comply with ISO 14067 standard.

Why the Product Carbon Footprint

The climate change resulting from the anthropogenic activity was recognised as one of the biggest challenge that affects the whole world and that will continue to hit companies and citizens in the coming decades.

The Carbon footprint is the sum of emissions that a products generates during its life cycle. The study of the CFP allows to quantify in terms of CO2    

the carbon footprint.

The methodology underlying of the Product’s Carbon Footprint is based on the principle of the responsibility towards the environment and the transparency of the communication of the results.

For this reason, Falpi has decided to put available to the Stakeholders, the values of emissions of the EPD trolleys and start a new path that will led us to a greener and sustainable future. 

As our foot leaves a footprint on the ground, every process and product leaves a footprint on the environment.

It is then dutiful, quantify the extent and value the potential impacts on the changes that interest our Planet.

What are the next steps

Our technical team is working on a news  meant to cleaning companies that contribute in tenders in the public administration.

Keep following us to know all the details.

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