• ISO 9001 : 2008

  • SA 8000 : 2014

  • ISO 14001 : 2004

For Falpi Quality
must involve all the Company's activities and translates into a policy aimed at ongoing improvement and maximum transparency. With ISO 9001:2008 certification, Falpi guarantees its Clients qualified products and services which are continuously monitored, from design through the entire production and services, and perfectly meet the technical specifications provided for their use in different application sectors.

Falpi best characteristic is the respect for dignity: in a increasingly more competitive market Falpi chooses to be certified SA 8000:2014 demonstrating to all the parties involved ( employees, companies, suppliers and financial backers) its own undertaking in pursuing practices, procedures and policies which may ensure a behaviour that is not detrimental to the person's dignity.

The Company's approach to environmental themes is clearly identifiable in the range of inox e Rilsan trolleys: products with very high technological and qualitative contents, designed to meet the Clients' and users' requirements which are produced with materials and processes with zero environmental impact; therefore, after a very long working life they are 100% recyclable.

Rina's Certifications PDF

  • EPD - Environmental
    Product Declaration

PD is an environmental declaration
whose aim is to supply concrete and reliable information on the environmental performances of a product or service. It is based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to assess the environmental impact. Falpi has decided to have Microrapid and Microtech trolley EPD certified in order to demonstrate the top level environmental compatibility of our production of stainless steel trolleys.

Trolleys with EPD certification

ECOLABEL Certifications

Ecolabel EU is the EU brand of environmental quality which awards best products and services, in this way they can be qualified on the market on the top, demonstrating its high performing standard. The environmental label Ecolabel guarantees that the product or the service has a reduced environmental impact during its whole Cycle of Life.

Products with Ecolabel certification

  • Legality Rating

The Legality Rating, issued by the Competition and Market Authority for the Ministry of Economic Development, is a new instrument developed and introduced in 2012 for the Italian companies that targets the promotion and introduction of ethical business behaviour principles and acknowledges ethically sustainable development  by awarding stars.

By applying and obtaining the rating, Falpi wants to show its stakeholders its consistent and fair behaviour as well as  its honest and punctual fulfilment of the obligations deriving from operating in the Italian territory.

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Falpi is part of Soligena Group,
consortium made up of the most qualified and well known companies of the national scene of Professional Cleaning.


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