Born in 1987, Falpi has rapidly established itself as one of the most dynamic, innovative and competitive companies in the production of industrial cleaning products.
A wide range, flexibility in production, quality of service, and speed of delivery are the winning cards of a young company with clear ideas and growing results

In a world where more and more people try to produce abroad in order to lower the costs, Falpi chooses to remain faithful to the quality "Made in Italy"!

What We Do


Falpi is a team of men and women motivated and involved in a work in which they believe and for which they work with passion and unconditionally: to produce the best!

Falpi products
,intended for cleaning companies, hospitals, industries and communities are personalized according to client's requirements, are made solely using totally recyclable materials.

When buying a Falpi product, you are choosing an article of the highest quality which bears the Italian flag with pride because it is not only designed but above all, made in Italy.